We are always accepting new patients of all ages! Are you looking for a new dentist near UCLA? Do you need a family dentist for your children? Are you tired of being bounced between various specialists when you need something more than a simple filling?

Whether you’ve found us via an online search or through the recommendation of a trusted friend or family member, Dr. Guillen and the caring staff at Westwood Village Smiles want to be your new partner for lifelong dental health. Call us today (310) 254-9355 or request an appointment online to schedule your first visit!

Dr. Guillen is happy to accept most referrals from nearby medical and dental service providers. We also accept most forms of dental insurance (including UC SHIP). However, your specific dental insurance may have limitations on which providers you can use without sacrificing some or all of your benefits. If you would like to find out if Westwood Village Smiles accepts your particular insurance, give our friendly reception staff a call at (310) 254-9355.

Contemplating switching dental service providers? You want a dentist in Westwood that provides a friendly, warm, and inviting environment but also functions as a full-service dental studio. You’d like to have a dentist who uses the latest technology and offers the best cosmetic dentistry but will also accommodate your busy schedule whenever possible.

Our dental practice has been family owned and located in the same place since 1946! Dr. Guillen provides quality general and cosmetic dentistry to improve your oral health and the aesthetic appeal of your smile. Through prevention, education and maintenance, and restorative techniques he can help you preserve or repair your teeth so you can live free from dental pain and embarrassment.

Let Westwood Village Smiles be your full-service family dentist office in Westwood.

Of course! We’ll answer any questions you may have about your dental insurance. But we’ll go one step further—we’ll deal directly with your insurance so you don’t have to.

No hassle of submitting bills and waiting for reimbursements. No confusing paperwork. We take care of it all and do as much as we possibly can to reduce your out-of-pocket costs. And since Glamorous Smiles has been providing excellent service at our Westwood dental office since 1946, we’re experienced with a wide variety of insurance companies and plans, including UC SHIP.

Westwood Village Smiles provides quality dental care to all who need it. While we focus on family and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Guillen can perform almost any dental procedure in-house—including complex oral surgeries—without the need to refer patients to other specialists. This can dramatically reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

We accept most forms of dental insurance (and even medical insurance for certain procedures) and deal directly with your insurance company so you don’t have to.

Our dental office in Westwood also accepts all major credit cards if you do need to pay out of pocket.

Need a little extra help? Westwood Village Smiles accepts CareCredit financing—an easy way to spread small payments over time rather than having to come up with a large lump sum. (For your convenience, you can apply for the CareCredit program here.)

There’s really no need to put off necessary dental care because you think you can’t afford it. Contact us today to discuss all the payment options available to you.

We strive to work appointments around your busy schedule as much as we can—including offering same-day or next-day emergency dentistry at our Westwood office whenever possible. Though it may not be possible to schedule a regular dental visit within such a short time frame, we offer an expanded daily schedule (including office hours on Saturdays) to accommodate your busy lifestyle.

Call our friendly reception staff at (310) 254-9355 to schedule an appointment or request an appointment online.

A visit to the dentist office every six months is usually what Dr. Guillen recommends to maintain excellent oral health. These regular dental exams can spot potential problems before they become major issues and can help you live free from dental pain and embarrassment.

However, if you have specific conditions (such as gingivitis) or dental appliances (like orthodontia) it may be necessary to schedule regular visits more often than twice a year. Dr. Guillen can help you decide the right treatment plan for you and discuss the various options available to you during your next visit.

Twice a day, every day at a minimum. Prevention is the key to lifelong oral health and regular flossing and brushing is the best way to stop major oral health issue like gingivitis and tooth decay in their tracks.

Dr. Guillen offers porcelain veneers at his Westwood dentist office because they’re a safe, long-lasting way to dramatically improve the appearance of your smile. Essentially veneers are wafer-thin shells of pearly white porcelain that are shaped and bonded to the surface of your teeth. This creates a smooth, white surface that resists stains and provides a more uniform and attractive smile.

Considering veneers? Dr. Guillen offers a wide range of cosmetic dentistry including veneers in his Westwood office to help you achieve that perfect smile.

Concerns about the safety of silver fillings (called amalgam fillings) have been raised due to the low-levels of mercury vapor associated with these “traditional” fillings. However, the FDA has reviewed the best available scientific data collected from sources all over the country and determined that amalgam fillings are safe for adults and children over the age of 6.

However, as a responsible family dentist in Westwood, Dr. Guillen knows that some individuals (particularly parents or patients with Glaucoma) may still have concerns. That’s why Westwood Village Smiles offers a variety of filling types. Dr. Guillen can recommend treatment options for everyone in your family.

Gum disease (or periodontal disease) is caused by bacterial infections in the gum line. It’s the number one reason why people loose teeth but has also been linked to other serious health concerns including heart disease.

These bacterial infections create toxins and acids that not only wear away at the tooth but can even erode the jawbone. Some scientific studies have shown that people who have a history of gum disease are at higher risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetic complications, and preterm births in at-risk women.

While a causal link has yet to be established, prevention is always the best policy. Regular dental exams and preventative oral treatments are the best way to reduce your risk and can often catch periodontal disease in the early stages—before it can cause bigger health issues.

If you’re in doubt the answer is always “yes.” While dental professionals have your oral health in mind, there are so many treatments available that dentists may not always agree on the best approach to reach your particular goals.

In fact, new and cutting-edge technologies have dramatically increased the variety of treatments available in recent years and if your current dentist doesn’t keep up with industry advancements they may not even be aware other options are available.

Dr. Guillen always stays abreast of new developments in family and cosmetic dentistry and his dentist office in Westwood is equipped with state-of-the-art technology including 3-D image and laser technology to provide the best oral care.

Fear can keep many people from going to the dentist and getting the necessary treatments to keep their beautiful smiles. Dr. Guillen offers sedation dentistry in Westwood to adults and children in order to minimize the stress of a dentist visit.

Patients are given a pill that creates a gentle sedative effect which relaxes them and allows them to undergo treatment without fear getting in the way. Oral sedation is probably the easiest, most cost-effective option for those who need a little more than just traditional Novocain or nitrous oxide (laughing gas) in order to endure dental procedures.

It’s also a wonderful option for those who need multiple procedures and can minimize the number of office visits to achieve the end result.

Nitrous Oxide (sometimes called laughing gas) is a sweet-smelling gas that—when inhaled—can create a mild sedative effect. Dr. Guillen uses nitrous oxide in his Westwood dental office to eliminate fear and minimize pain for most patients undergoing dental procedures. However, if necessary, Westwood Village Smiles can also administer sedation dentistry to most patients for an even more comfortable experience.