Finding the right pediatric dentist in Westwood is the best way to protect your child’s smile. Starting your young ones off on the right foot with education and enthusiasm will help you prevent painful (and costly) problems in the future. However, establishing life-long oral hygiene habits in young children can be a bit of a chore—especially if your child is scared of his or her dentist. That’s why it’s important to find a pediatric dentist in Westwood that your child can trust and feel comfortable with from their very first visit.

And believe us, the sooner you introduce your child to a caring pediatric dentist in Westwood, the easier it will be for you when it comes time for those annual check-ups and cleanings or much-needed emergency repairs!


Westwood Village Smiles has been providing the best quality dental care to generations of Californians since 1946. We are proud to now be serving children and grandchildren of some of our longtime patients. Not only do they bring their own families here, but they are proud to recommend us to friends as their first choice for a pediatric dentist in Westwood.

That’s the type of trust that only a history of quality care and top-tier service can earn.

What makes a good pediatric dentist in Westwood? Comfort and Convenience Above All

Little girl visiting dentist

Our comfortable and inviting dentist office in Westwood is designed to eliminate the stress associated with a trip to the dentist. But our commitment to creating a fear-free environment goes beyond the decorations. When you visit our pediatric dentist office in Westwood, the first thing you’ll notice is that our friendly staff love kids and know how to engage on their level. That makes dentist visits exciting and—just maybe—even a little bit of fun!

When your child comes to us they’ll see the smiling staff, experience the gentle cleanings, and learn from the engaging educational materials. It all adds up to a positive experience and good oral hygiene habits that you can bring home with you.

From the moment their first tooth appears, we are here to help your child live free from oral pain and embarrassment. As a full-service pediatric dentist in Westwood, we can assist with all your dental needs—including proper mouth guard fittings to protect your young one’s smile from sports injuries and nighttime teeth grinding.

As a trained pediatric dentist in Westwood, Dr. Guillen can perform specific treatments for young patients including bite alignment and sealant treatments to protect their smile from preschool on.


It’s hard enough to juggle your own schedule but when you toss in school, sports, and other extra-curricular activities, finding time to take your child to the dentist can seem impossible. That’s why the accommodating reception staff at Westwood Village Smiles does whatever they can to get you in when it’s convenient for you—not the other way around.

We even offer extended weekend hours and can schedule your appointments on Saturdays!

Dr. Guillen is a full-service oral health provider and can complete most procedures in-house (minor repairs all the way up through oral surgery and orthodontia). That means no time wasted waiting for referrals!

We even offer same-day or next-day emergency dentistry for those untimely toothaches and injuries.

Safe Dentistry for All Ages

Dentist examining kid's teeth

As an experienced pediatric dentist in Westwood, Dr. Guillen knows that parents only want the best, safest treatments available for their children. That’s why he offers cutting-edge technology like Digital X-Rays and 3-D imaging to provide precise, gentle care.

And if you’re concerned about mercury vapor from traditional amalgam fillings, don’t be. While the FDA has reviewed the best scientific data available and declared silver amalgam fillings safe for patients 6-years-old and older, Dr. Guillen only offers alternative materials at Westwood Village Smiles.

Your New Pediatric Dentist in Westwood

Looking for a new pediatric dentist in Westwood? Have a new patient with their first tooth? Recently moved to the neighborhood? Transferring from another dentist in LA? Let Dr. Guillen provide your child with the skills and positive attitude they need for excellent oral health throughout their lives. Make us your new pediatric dentist in Westwood. Call (310) 254-9355 or request an appointment online to schedule a consultation today.