For life-long oral health it’s necessary to help your children establish healthy habits and good routines that include regular dental checkups in addition to brushing and flossing every day. That’s why Dr. Guillen has made his family-friendly dentist office in Westwood such a warm and inviting place. Kids should feel comfortable going to the dentist and never scared.

As an experienced pediatric dentist, Dr. Guillen knows it’s much easier (and more affordable) to maintain a healthy smile than it is to repair one after something’s gone wrong. While you—the parents—do the majority of the hard work at home (getting the kids to brush every day and floss well), Dr. Guillen knows that a trip to the dentist is the best way to catch small problems before they become major issues.

But many parents struggle with their child’s dental needs. Hectic schedules, tight finances, insurance issues, misconceptions about necessary treatments and procedures can all lead to confusion. Westwood Village Smiles is here to help you sort everything out and keep your children smiling beautifully forever.

Whether you’ve found us via an online search or through the recommendation of a trusted friend or family member, Dr. Guillen and the caring staff at Westwood Village Smiles want to be your new partner for lifelong dental health. Call us today (310) 254-9355 or request an appointment online to schedule your first visit!

(It may be necessary to schedule more than two dental checkups per year for children at high-risk of developing potentially painful tooth decay or disfiguring orthodontic problems.)

As a member of the American Dental Association and The California Dental Association, Dr. Guillen believes that six months after your child’s first tooth emerges is the best time to schedule your first checkup. Although if problems arise sooner our Westwood children’s dentistry practice can help easily alleviate your infant or toddler’s pain and discomfort.

Staring your child off “on the right foot” is the best way to lay a baseline for lifelong oral health. Early children’s dentistry consultations can establish solid routines, give you helpful advice for now and later as your child grows, and prevent potentially costly developments in the future.

Routine Checkups Create Comfort and Familiarity

Getting your kids used to the dentist when they’re young is a great reason to start early. It’s estimated that 30 million Americans put off going to the dentist because of fear and anxiety. This leads to a host of oral health problems including irreparable tooth decay. Regular dental visits as a child help provide a certain level of comfort that reduces or eliminates this emotional anxiety and fear, making your child more likely to continue good oral care well into their adult years.

Spot Problems Before they Become Issues

Our Westwood children’s dentistry experts keep meticulous records of your child’s dental development. These records can help plan future treatments and prevent issues that may require major oral surgery or the use of orthodontic devices like braces. These records include x-ray scans, essential for spotting cavities (which can sometimes hide from the naked eye) and monitoring how teeth are developing below the gum line.

To Save Money

A routine visit to your family dentist in Westwood costs, on average, $65. That’s a relatively affordable amount which may be completely or partially covered by dental insurance. However, if you forego regular routine dental checkups for your children, dental procedures to fix issues like cavities are much more costly. Fillings (depending on the type of material used) can cost between $50 and $400. Extractions can run between $100 and $650. And many dental insurance policies will only pay a portion of that cost or cap annual expenditures, so you may have to pay more out of pocket.

Various Payment Options Available

Regardless of treatment costs, Dr. Guillen and the helpful staff at Westwood Villages Smiles will do their best to make your payment options painless. They accept most insurances (including UC SHIP) and credit card payments. CareCredit Financing is also available.

The short answer is: Yes. Our family dentist office since 1946, Westwood Village Smiles, has seen generations of children grow up and become caring parents themselves. (Some of the kids Dr. Guillen currently treats are grandchildren of those we’ve helped in the past!) We know how fast children grow . . . and how fast their oral health can change too.

In addition, common habits your children engage in (like thumb sucking, using pacifiers, brushing poorly, or eating acidic or sugary foods) can undermine their oral health in months, not years.

It’s also nearly impossible for you to tell if your child’s teeth are healthy just by looking at them. You can’t see between the teeth, below the gum line, or into the very back of the mouth. A complete pediatric dental checkup will include a visual examination, teeth cleaning, and x-ray scans if necessary. This thorough examination can spot potential problems that you just aren’t trained to identify.

Preventative Treatments

Fluoride levels are another component of your child’s overall dental health that should be monitored regularly. Fluoride helps prevent the loss of necessary tooth enamel (the glossy, hard outer shell of the tooth) and helps stave off tooth decay. The application of topical fluoride gel or varnish is one way that your family dentist in Westwood can help maintain your kid’s dental health.

Additionally, you’re child’s back teeth (molars) are extremely susceptible to tooth decay simply because they are at the back of the mouth and more difficult to get clean by brushing and flossing. One of the treatments Dr. Guillen specializes in at our Westwood children’s dentistry practice is using safe, effective sealers on those hard-to-reach teeth to seal out harmful debris, bacteria, and acids.

Active monitoring of your child’s dental health plus the application of these preventative treatments can lead to a life of healthy smiles free of dental pain and embarrassment . . . but only if you schedule regular dental checkups for your kids.

Scheduling to Fit Your Needs

Dr. Guillen knows how important family is – he closes the practice on Fridays for one long weekend a month so staff can spend time with theirs. However, he also knows how hard it can be for you to get your children to the dentist with school, extracurricular activities, and family obligations. That’s why our Westwood children’s dentistry office, Westwood Village Smiles, is open on Saturdays three weekends a month and why we also offer same day or next day appointments in an emergency. In addition, our reception staff will do everything they can to schedule your appointments when it’s convenient for you. Call us today at (310) 254-9355.

Your Westwood Children’s Dentistry Experts

Dr. Guillen has been practicing top-notch children’s dentistry for years and his Westwood dental studio is a full-service facility with high-tech equipment and a friendly staff who will help make your child feel at home even in the dentist’s chair.

Our state-of-the-art Westwood dental studio offers:

  • Regular checkups
  • Cleanings
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Sealing treatments
  • Fillings and other restorative therapies
  • Bite guard fittings for extracurricular activities
  • Education and reinforcement of proper hygiene habits
  • Emergency services (same day or next day)
  • Sedation dentistry for children

If you have questions or concerns about your child’s dental health or would simply like more information about what you can do at home to ensure your child’s smile stays beautiful for as long as possible, call Westwood Village Smiles today at (310) 254-9355. You can even schedule an appointment online.